Self Evaluation The title of this Unit was “Transformation” and the aim was to produce a game which shows transformation and change in form. I looked at many games and developers and did further research of their projects and work in digital designing. I felt that their work linked to mine as it showed the new digital ways and ideas of designing. I did a big portion of researching, from secondary sources to primary. Throughout the process, I have successfully learnt something new everyday, and the development of my skills and ideas are clearly visible through my website. I have learnt to apply complex ideas in a difficult situation and developed the skill to use new and difficult softwares easily. I learnt to use new applications and programs such as Adobe Lightroom Adobe after effects Adobe character animator, Adobe animator. and Adobe Muse to design my ideas with a better quality and to express my impression better. I even explored difficult softwares such as Unreal Engine and Unity in order to be able to produce a game. I am very pleased with my final outcome, However my aim was to create a game but with the limited time in hand added to the complex and difficult to understand softwares. i was unhappy that i had to drop the idea and create a game description video instead. I wasn’t very confident as I put in most of my time and effort in researching about how to make a game and I did not have much time left to actually make it happen. However, I tried harder and successfully created a functional game video, which is I am very pleased about now. This was very exciting and interesting to learn and the application was very new and complex, however, very user friendly. I have successfully shown smooth transitions and animations throughout the game video, which were very difficult at first to master, i had to make the entire video about 2-3 times in order to get perfection. I was stuck on creating a smooth movement of logs on fire for days, yet I achieved it. I feel satisfied with the way my Unit 2 has completed however, I am not extremely happy with it. That is because, it looks a little too silly and not very much like a game. Even though i spent a lot of my time trying to make it look perfect, i still feel it can be better and look more like a game especially scene 2. it didn't turn out quite how i imagined it to turn out like. I could have made the background for scene 2 better and maybe should have added more to the scene. i tried this but that made it look a little to stuff and thus it made me confused as to what i should do to make it look good, thus i let it be. In this project I realized that drawing is an important skill to acquire which I’m not particularly good at. I learnt and used this skill in my project, however, I feel that there is a need to refine this skill further. I thus would give myself a 6/7 out of 10 for the outcome of the project as the work could be more broadened. However, I would give myself an 8/9 out of 10 for the effort, as I experimented and researched a lot for the base for my unit, so that i could make it background firm and supportive.