Brief Introduction For my Unit 2 Graphic Communication topic “Transformation” I did a lot of brainstorming which left me with tons of ideas and made me realize that everything around me seen or unseen is either transformed or transforming or will transform in the future. This made me connect to the topic very closely as it is simply just everything around me. I had many ideas in my mind that I desperately wanted to get on with. However, doing all of those complex designs would have been difficult so I forced myself to choose one. I first though about designing a transformer which would walk, fly, become a car (basically transform into anything). Then I thought of designing micro bots and show their transformation from big to small. However, none of these topics were immediately making me excited. Being a very active gamer i thought about then making a game. Games in the past were extremely pixelated and had a very 2 dimensional design. Games now are very different from what they used to be. Virtual reality has also kicked in and changed the meaning of gaming and brought it to a whole new level. I explored unreal engine and unity in order to be able to create VR games, however these softwares are very complex and time consuming. Therefore with the limited time in hand, I thought about creating a game which depicted transformation of a person or an object instead and then later when I have learned VR softwares better, transform that game into a 3 dimensional game. Objective My objective is to create a game of the new generation and show transformation of a thing or an object by it. As games and gaming styles have also transformed through the time i would want to find out more about how it has changed and then create a game which is more futuristic. Target Audience My target audience would be anyone from the age 4+, as it will be a simple game which can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.