Scene 2 was the level 1 of the game which was full of obsticals suck as fire. I planned to make the background light and simple to reduce the confusion and keep it constant as blue, with logs of wood which will carry the fire.
i later thought of having a table instead of just plain background, however, that didnt suit the game too well niether did it look too well, thus i dropped the idea.
in order to make a stable background for the game i first painted it but it did not too well thus i decided to paint it on photoshop with many shades of blue and white.
for the next level the scene was meant to be in the space as gas floats and reaches the space. i tried a few painting ideas for the space but they didnt seem to go too well with it.
Then i made one with shades of purples and blue, it wasn't perfect as it need a bit tweaking which couldn't have been done manually by paint thus i scanned it and Photoshoped it. this is my favorite backgroud out of the 3 as it turned out as i wnated it to.