I then warped the letters to make them fit on to the ice cube and removed the facial features as it did not look to good on the logo.
I then made fire on Adobe After Effects by using wave warp effects and more tweaking. thereafter i added the fire and the log (foreground) to my background a long with my character after recording the characters movements, expressions and voice on Adobe character animator.
I then made the game come to life and made it look more realistic by positioning and changing the flow of objects and making them move from one place to another which was difficult and was done twice in order to gain preciseness.
Then i recorded the first scene on character animator, the voice, expressions, hand gestures. then added background and movement on after effects.
I then created the meteor and the megacryometeor on after effects which had the same flaming effect on them. this made these balls of ice and fire look realistic.
Then again i recorded the characters gestures and voice on character animator and then added it on after effects, along with the background and the foreground. i then positioned it and created movement in objects to make them look like they are moving. i then combined it all together on iMovie in order to make it look like a description movie for the game.