Research Backgrounds Angry Birds This game has a plain light blue background. The background has a few silhouettes of trees and clouds which are one darker shade to the light blue back ground. Sylvester: Under the Sea The game has a plain blueish green sea background, representing the water. the background is very plain and does not have much to it except a few rocks and sea weed. Crossy Road This game has a lot going on in its background. As the concept of the game is obstacles, it has many roads and cars which are all in constant motion. its got a river and logs on them which too is in constant motion. the game has a lot in the back ground which is in motion and that is what makes the game more difficult and confusing. Super Mario Bros This game has a simple plain background made out of wither plain blue sky or bricks. the game has mnay obsticles like cactus, fire, plants, mushrooms, shells in the foreground. The game also includes some stages taking place underwater, which contain different enemies.